June 10, 2010 in General

The High Country Neighborhood Association exists to promote neighbors connecting with and helping each other as well as advocacy of neighborhood interests with the purpose of nurturing a sense of community and enhancing quality of life.

This association is completely voluntary and will never be able to impose any rules on homeowners in the neighborhood.

Please contact for more information and with any questions you have.

What’s going on:

We had almost 100 neighbors attend the very first meeting about a month ago, and we are expecting even more next time. 

Here’s a run down of what was discussed:

  • Brief presentation of organizational activities to date
  • Presentation by City of Carrollton representatives about the development of Branch Hollow Park which extends from Hebron to south of Rosemeade.  This is an exciting project which will add to the beauty and value of our neighborhood.
  • HCNA to include Furneaux and streets south of Branch Hollow bordered by the green belt (Branch Hollow Park).  This is about 250 homes. 
  • Officer nominations and committee formation. The following positions were appointed by the steering committee:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership/Communication.  This will be an interim board with elections to follow.
  • In addition to the officers, the following standing committees will be established:

-     Membership

-          Beautification (eg. Street Sign Toppers, Yard of the Month, Entrances)

-          Activities and Events (eg.National Night Out, Holiday, Garage Sale,  Kids Parade)

-          Crime Watch/Emergency Preparedness

-          Special Interest ( eg. Game Groups, Moms Clubs, Progressive Dinners, Sports)

  All future communications will be done via the website or email.

3 responses to Welcome!

  1. We will not be in town on 24 June but look forward to reading the minutes and seeing you in July


  2. I would ask that the association add Avignon Ct. This is our street. We will not be able to attend the June 24 meeting.

  3. We were unable to attend the June 24th meeting but are anxious to read the minutes of the meeting. We look forward to meeting our neighbors. Thanks so much for starting this!

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